Florian Cooper

Florian graduated with a music degree from Durham University in 2012, where he focused on orchestration, conducting and research into the Russian composer Shostakovich. He is a multi-instrumentalist (cello, bass and piano) and enjoys music spanning a variety of genres. As a conductor, he studied under Ray Farr from 2009-2012. During this time he was fortunate to be appointed guest conductor of the Sunderland Symphony Orchestra, to conduct the Reg Vardy Brass Band and to regularly conduct the Durham University Symphony Orchestra.

Florian is very active as musical director of musical theatre and big bands and providing musical direction for shows. He is Musical Director of the London-based Seven Steps Big Band, a 20 piecejazz ensemble which performs at prestigious London venues and on a yearly residency on one of Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ cruise ships.

As orchestrator and arranger, Florian works in many genres from big band to orchestral and his orchestrations and arrangements have been performed extensively in the UK and abroad, notably by members of the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. A highlight was the commission to orchestrate the musical The Confession Room by Dan Looney for 11-piece orchestra, recorded on a concept album on which Florian also played the bass guitar.

Florian is currently Director of Music at Brentwood School and it is in inspiring young musicians that he feels most fulfilled. Blessed with an exceptional team and remarkable young students, he is very proud to be part of a huge expansion of music in the school and is sincerely pleased that this commitment now engulfs the majority of his energies. Outside music, Florian enjoys fine wine, good food and skiing and is always amazed how well the three complement each other.